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Stratasys Mojo Conversion

Stratasys has ended support for their Mojo 3D printer, meaning that replacement parts and consumables such as filament and build plates are no longer available for purchase. This project aims to retrofit the printer with off-the-shelf components to restore and improve its functionality.

Parts which must be replaced include the hotends, extruders, axis motors, and control board. The Mojo uses a relatively standard CoreXY motion system that already relied on GT2 belts, so only the motors (which were originally brushless with encoders) and pulleys need to be replaced from that.

I have documented my process of converting three of these machines in a Google Photos album, which you can access here.

Additionally, more detailed information is available in the README of the GitHub repository for this project, where I have also uploaded my Marlin and PrusaSlicer configuration files, CAD models of the required 3D printed parts, and a BOM of the required components.

This project is ongoing as I have a number of Mojo printers to convert, but here's what I've gained from the process so far:

  • Extra experience in creating multi-part assemblies in CAD software
  • Understanding of the CoreXY system
  • Using a 32-bit microcontroller toolchain
  • Additional experience with Marlin firmware