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Daily Display

Daily Display comprises of a combination of a software-controlled pill dispensing system and a computer monitor showing a list of tasks and events for each day, to help someone living with Alzheimer's disease or dementia through their daily routine.

The mechanical pill dispensing system uses a single micro servo motor for each pill to dispense them into a tray. To customize a dispenser for a new type of pill, only two new parts need to be 3D printed and press-fit into place. For reliability, each dispenser is fitted with an IR reflectance sensor to detect if a pill has been dispensed, and when it has been taken by the user.

The calendar display parses events from a Google Calendar feed, displaying them in an easy-to-read column format and highlighting certain important tasks. This display is augmented by a mini thermal reciept printer, which creates a paper copy of the day's calendar for the user to carry with them.

Know someone who this could help? Here's the GitHub repository:

By building Daily Display, I have learned:

  • Complex frontend web interface and backend integration
  • Building and publishing Python libraries
  • Parsing an ICal calendar feed
  • More about designing assemblies in CAD software
  • Thorough testing and validation of functionality