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Crop Craze Banner Art Image

Crop Craze

My first VR project to be published on the Oculus Store, Crop Craze has a playful aesthetic and relaxing gameplay. You can grow crops, explore the farm, and buy animals. Creating Crop Craze was an enjoyable way to learn how to design interactions for VR games.

I used the Unity XR Interaction Toolkit as a base for the project. At the time I started working on Crop Craze, it had the most built-in functionality when compared to the Oculus and Steam SDKs at the time. Some mechanics I learned to create through developing Crop Craze include:

  • Direct grab
  • Distance grab
  • Ray interaction
  • VR-friendly doors and hinges
  • Trigger-activated objects
  • Progress saving
  • Basic animation

Crop Craze is available on the Oculus Store for Meta Quest and Rift.